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01854 613240 / m: 07542  051070

Crann Bethadh, Leckmelm, Loch Broom, Garve, IV23 2RH

blog: www.integralherbalism.wordpress.com


I have been studying and practising herbal medicine since 2004 and have experience both in the clinic and in the field running herbal first aid stations at outdoor events. I have extensive outdoor experience and a broad knowledge of biology and botany, with a focus on medicinal plants. I have biology research experience, both in the field and in the lab.
In addition to my education and clinical experience my study of energy healing, ongoing training in psychotherapy, and long-standing meditation and spiritual practice result in my bringing a grounded, empathetic, compassionate and insightful presence in the treatment room. I have travelled and lived in many places around the world and am very comfortable interacting with people of different cultures.

Flexible.  Home visits sometimes possible.

PRACTICE DAYS/TIMES:   By arrangement.

Registered member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy, 2012
Bachelor of Arts in Biology (high honours), Oberlin College, 1998
Master of Science in Herbal Medicine, Tai Sophia Institute, 2011

Diploma in Energetic Cellular Healing 2016
Foundation Certificate in Other-Centred Psychotherapy, Tariki Trust, 2011
Psychotherapy, Tariki Trust, 2011. Currently studying for a diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy with the Tariki Trust.
North East School of Botanical Medicine, 2004
Healing Touch (Level One)
Reiki (Levels One and Two)
Licensed Heartmath Provider

My goal is that Herbal Medicine be accessible to all, regardless of their financial situation. I am therefore setting my business up as a social enterprise so that I may provide my services to under-served individuals and communities at low-cost. No one is turned away for lack of funds.   Those who can afford my standard rates are supporting those who can’t and anything in excess goes into a fund for individuals or families in need.

Initial Consultation (about 2 hours) recommended rate £50
Follow-up (about 1 hour) recommended rate £30


How can Herbal Medicine Serve You and Your Family?
Herbal Medicine, alone or integrated with conventional medicine, can address conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress-management, diabetes, auto-immune problems, cancer, etc. Infants and children often benefit greatly from herbal approaches.

I work with people, not diseases.  An intake results in a comprehensive portrait of you as a person -- including medical history, physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns -- and places your well-being and health within an environmental and social context. Our day-to-day life is imbued with our patterns and “habits.”   My goal is to help you become aware of and shift detrimental patterns into healthier ones.  Clients will move toward a state of balance, adaptability and harmony at all levels. Working within the context of your life, we will collaborate to develop an approach tailored to you that will support your well-being while addressing specific concerns, such as diagnosed health conditions.  Consults will generally result in lifestyle, nutritional, and herbal recommendations.

My Approach - Integral Herbalism   This involves a synthesis of traditional wisdom (Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western) with scientific method, applied  to  an understanding of physiology, pathophysiology, nutrition, and botanical medicine.

Herbal Medicine for a Sustainable Future Herbal Medicine is “Green Medicine” and is an environmentally beneficial and sustainable approach to health and healing. The plants I use are either ethically wildcrafted or organically grown.

HeartMath Provider. Heartmath is a scientifically validated set of techniques, tools, and biofeedback technology for transforming stress, building resilience, and achieving high performance and enhanced creativity. Stress and “negative” emotions have a potential impact on our well-being and our health -- including elevated cortisol and blood-pressure, suppressed immune function and cognitive capacity -- and contribute to anxiety, depression, low-energy and difficulties in work and relationships. HeartMath is beneficial for those in search of greater health, well-being, vitality, business and sports performance, and improved relationships. I’ve personally found it to be invaluable contribution to my personal well-being and spiritual practice.  

More information at http://heartmathproviders.co.uk

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