14 November 2015
Study Group - Family Constellations

Adventure of Self-discovery

Be someone that makes you happy

Personal Development Group with Diana Grell

During the darker times of the year energies are retreated, which invites reflection and contemplation. So it is the perfect time to meet with like-minded people, who are interested in discovering more about themselves. Practicing awareness and engaging with mindfulness into oneself done in a group is always more powerful. The support and mutual care of the group makes looking at painful places easier. But also the joy of sharing the delight of insights and realisations is bigger too.

We will use meditation, bodywork and the underlying phenomena of constellation work by using my method with the colored mats in order to delve deeper into our personality as well as essentials states of Being.
This will be a closed group meeting monthly for four months.

Dates: Saturdays 14.11 + 12.12.2015 + 16.01. 2016 + 13.02, 10.00am – 5.00pm Venue: Church Hall, Kinloss, Findhorn Rd, Kinloss IV36 3TX
Cost: £240, please bring own lunch, tea/coffee provided
Info : call Diana at 01309 691549 or email dianagrell@hotmail.com