02 June 2018
From Chaos to Quest - adventure through inner and outer nature

from chaos to quest

With Owen Okie, M.S. Herbal Medicine, MCPP. and mountain guide Tim Hamlet

From September 1st - 6th we will be embarking upon an adventure into the wilds of the Scottish Highlands and deep within in search of your own inner nature and soul purpose.

Living with purpose and aligning with your core values are keys to a fulfilling life. How do you uncover this hidden treasure? What are the obstacles that prevent you from claiming it?

We will be traveling by canoe and foot with the support of mountain guide Tim Hamlet. I will be providing guidance for your inner journey with EarthMind, my own approach to nature-based self-exploration. This includes Integral Theory, psychotherapy, HeartMath, Herbal medicine, Bill Plotkin’s nature-based map of the human psyche, and more.

The cost is £540 GBP until July 1st, then goes up to £590. This covers all the necessary camping and canoeing equipment as well as food and the services of professional guides to the wilderness, both inner and outer. 

For more information go to the EarthMind Facebook page

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