Sarah Perricone



07940  891715



I am a professional musician ( violinist) with many years experience in the performing arts field.

Since 2003 I have run a hypnotherapy practice, working both within the NHS, private practice, group work, offering supervision for therapists, and tutoring students of the London College  of Clinical Hypnosis.

I am also a trained sound-healer, and run Practitioner Trainng Programmes for the College of Sound Healing, and other workshops.



Findhorn and Kinloss



Daytimes and evenings



Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing ( EMDR )
Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT )
Sports Psychology for Performance Enhancement



BA in Music
Post Grad – solo performance
Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis – London Colege of Clinical Hypnosis ( LCCH )
Reiki Master / Teacher
College of Sound Healing –practiitoner and tutor
British Society of Clinical Hypnosis ( BSCH )
British Association for Performing Arts Medicine ( BAPAM )



£50 for 60 -90 minute session



Hypnotherapy is useful for a variety of conditions which can be supported and alleviated by accessing deeper levels of consciousness. I offer tools and techniques for managing life more effectively. Hypnotherapy can help many issues such as Fears, Anxiety, Transformation, Mild Depression, Physical ailments, Confidence, Life changes, Weight issues, Pain control, Regression, Manifestation etc..

Sound Healing Therapy :  During the session I use sounds, vibrations and deep listening to help your body return to its original “tuning”, where it can resonate in perfect harmony, promoting greater health and well-being.

Performance Coaching : sessions include – Stage Presence, Communication with the audience, practical help , tools and techniques to help access and stay in “the zone” .   Training in positive mind-set, confidence and preparation.

Reiki is a gentle, safe, non-intrusive and deeply relaxing treatment which works on every level to restore balance and harmony, by releasing stresses or blockages, thus improving the natural flow of energy and boosting immune system.

All my work through these different therapies is about healing and transformation.  Through deep listening and “tuning in”, I choose the most appropriate way to work sensitively  and creatively according to your  needs, to support you to make changes in your life and to express your uniqueness  and talents in this world. I create a safe and confidential environment to facilitate this.

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